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At SMARTECH we’re experts in a wide range of systems, including professional lighting, signage, control rooms, audio-visual, and command centers. Our skills cover installation and maintenance, ensuring projects run smoothly, always on schedule and within budget.

We also offer necessary subsystems like TV distribution, power distribution, public speaker, and intercoms. Put your trust in SMARTECH for exceptional solutions that will precisely and competently achieve your vision.

Audio Visual Systems

Serves the market with state of the art Audio-visual systems. Our activities ranging from consultancy, designing, engineering, supply, installation and training of Audiovisual systems for small conference rooms and large auditorium rooms which includes:

  • Video Conferencing Systems
  • Video projection & Data projection system.
  • Discussion, Simultaneous, Voting and Interpretation systems.
  • Digital DLP Cinemas
  • Wireless Presentation
  • Control Systems.
  • Digital AV & Control, Optical Networking.
  • Video Walls, Tickers and Large Screens.
  • Video production systems, editing, dubbing and archiving
  • Professional Audio and Sound reinforcement Systems.
  • Remote control, Touch Screen & E-Control systems.
  • Interactive Communication and Interactive Screens
  • Home Entertainment & Control.
  • Digital Transformation Systems
  • LED Display

Command Center and Control Rooms System

SMARTECH has the knowledge, experience, and proven ability to build the command centers and control rooms your staff rely on, Our audio visual design and integration solutions deliver critical information that supports situational awareness. Empower your team to manage incidents, respond to emergencies, and monitor live data streams which includes:

  • SOC systems (Security operations centers)
  • NOC Systems (Network operations centers)
  • EOC systems (Emergency operations centers)
  • Video Wall
  • Control Room Technical Furniture

Signage Systems

Serves the market with latest in the Signage Systems field ranging from small systems applications to large-scale integrated Signage systems, on Turnkey bases.

  • Workplace experience platform
  • Digital Signage System
  • Space Reservation
  • Wayfinding (touchless or interactive)
  • Room Scheduling System
  • Room booking System
  • Guest Registration Services

Professional Lighting Systems

Serves the market with latest in the lighting fixtures and controllers for various applications, such as entertainment, architecture, and creative lighting, this includes:
  • Stage Lighting System
  • Stage Mechanics System and rigging hosts
  • Stage and theatre curtains
  • Entertainment, architectural, and theatrical lighting
  • Control consoles and Dimming

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Our latest projects

Our latest projects

01. Ministry of housing | 2020/2021

02. Madinah Municibility | 2021/2022

03. royal complex | 2023